• 19th November 2018

Carrying a baby girl?

baby girl scan check

Carrying a baby girl?

Carrying a baby girl? 800 530 Original Window to the Womb

Best way to determine the sex of your baby is to have a 16 week gender scan at The Original Window to the Womb. However there are lots of indications that could indicate the gender of your baby.

These symptoms indicate a baby girl.

1, Morning Sickness

Morning sickness is a common condition that can occur in pregnancy. If you experience sickness throughout your pregnancy, it may mean you’re carrying a baby girl.

2, Food cravings

Lots of ladies have food cravings during pregnancy. Some crave savoury snacks and some want sweet and sugary. Interestingly the type of cravings you have can indicate the sex of baby. Sweet and sugary cravings mean you’re having a baby girl.

3, The colour of your wee

If your wee is a dull yellow colour, you’re having a girl.

4, Hair

If your hair becomes dull, lifeless and is prone to falling out, it’s a sign you’re having a girl.

5, Oily skin and spots

Due to hormonal changes, oily skin, spots and rashes can mean you’re carrying a baby girl.

6, Position of your belly

If you’re carrying high and baby’s weight is in the centre of your tummy, it could indicate your carrying a girl.

7, Linea Nigra

This is the dark line that can appear on your belly during pregnancy. If the line continues past your belly button up to your rib cage it’s a baby boy, but if the line ends just below your belly button it’s a girl.

8, Higher heartbeat

If babies heartbeat is above 150 beats per minute, through pregnancy you’re having a girl.

9, Nose size

Strangely the shape of your nose can alter during pregnancy. If it stays the same it’s a girl.

10, Sleeping positions

The way you lay in bed can indicate the gender of your baby. If you prefer sleeping on your right side and find this the most comfortable position through your pregnancy, you could be carrying a baby girl.
These are old wives tales and may not be 100% right for every pregnancy.

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