4D Baby Scan

Find our about our 4D Baby Scans, when to have it, and what packages we have for you.

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What exactly is a 4D Baby Scan?

A 4D baby scan is an ultrasound scan if your belly, but unlike your conventional 2D baby scan which you may have seen at the hospital, the 4D baby scan produces “life like images” so that you can actually see what your baby looks like.

Oh yes, a 4D Baby Scan looks that real!

“Got a confetti smoke cannon was 15 quid!
My wife was so happy she was crying through out the whole thing.”


What's the right time to have 4d baby scan?

You can visit The Original Window to the Womb to have the 4D baby scan between the 22nd and 34th week of pregnancy. At the earlier stages of your pregnancy, you will see more of your baby’s body and at the later stages you see more of your baby’s wonderful facial features.

Click here to see one of our 4D Baby Scan packages.

multiple child baby scan

from 15 to 40 weeks

Sneak a Peek
Multiple Pregnancy Gender Scan £84.00

Similar to Sneek a Peak but…the scan is for a multiple pregnancy ie 2+ babies.
You receive digital images 2d/gender/4d  digitally and 4 prints
Verbal wellbeing of both babies for reassurance

This is NOT an early scan – we cannot scan earlier than 15 weeks.

4d baby

from 23 to 34 weeks

Born to be a Star 4D Scan £99

2D/3D Digital images of baby, A recording of your entire 4D scan.
Your will also receive 2 postcard sized prints of your images.
This is a 2D/4D Bonding Scan.

Primary purpose of this scan is mother and baby.

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