About Us

The Original Window to the Womb

The Original Window to the Womb is committed to providing high quality, efficient and compassionate care to our clients and their families, through the safe and efficient use of ultrasound imaging technology.

Established 2003

Scanned over 60,000 babes

99.99% gender accuracy rating

Run by family that created it

Our History

Where did The Original Window to the Womb begin? The Original Window to the Womb were the first private ultrasound scan clinic to open in the UK and opened their doors to expectant families in Nottingham in 2003. Started by the Bowbanks family, who still proudly operate their Nottingham clinic, The Original Window to the Womb brand has had its own babies!

We are the original

The original window to the wombs aim of the Bowbanks family was to specialise in providing baby bonding scans from large and comfortable studios and we are proud to say that The Original Window to the Womb is still the only provider in the UK that focuses entirely on baby scanning. We are passionateā€¦even obsessed, about honouring the original dream of the family which was to be known as the very best, most comfortable, safest and best value provider of Gender scans and 4D ultrasound baby scans in the UK.

Our Vision

  • To provide clients with easily accessible, high quality 2D, 3D, 4D, 5D HD Live ultrasound technology, in a caring and professional manner.
  • To enhance our customers experience by providing a homely, welcoming, safe and comfortable environment.
  • To promote excellence in 2D, 3D and 4D, 5D/HD LiveĀ  imaging services by ensuring accuracy, efficiency and compassion combined with professional integrity. Whilst having the Primary purpose of wellbeing for mother and baby.

Our Values

We are committed to:

  • Focus: Our primary focus is on client care and comfort; we are dedicated to delivering this care in a professional and ethical manner. We were one of the first baby scan companies in the UK to be registered with the CQC
  • Dignity: All of our customers will be treated with respect and dignity.
  • Integrity: All of our clients will be treated honestly and fairly and in a manner that ensures their safety.
  • Privacy: All of our customers will be treated in a confidential manner at all times.
  • Diversity: We recognise, respect and actively support differences amongst individuals and demonstrate this philosophy through our work practices and protocols.
  • Safety: We will ensure that we meet our obligations in respect of Health and Safety issues within our establishment.
  • Staff: All of the Sonographer’s meet our high standards. All of our Sonographer work within the NHS are HCPC or NMC registered are all highly qualified and trained.

Ultrasound Scanning

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