• 1st October 2018

Differences between 2D, 3D, 4D, HD Scanning

hd live scan

Differences between 2D, 3D, 4D, HD Scanning

Differences between 2D, 3D, 4D, HD Scanning 800 600 Original Window to the Womb

There are differences in the types of ultrasounds done during pregnancy.

All ultrasounds use sound waves to create a picture and software on our Voluson S8 ultrasound machine to build up the image of your miracle of life.

2D Scanning

2D is a two-dimensional image.
Eg; The blank and white scan you see at your 12 week dating and 20 anomaly NHS hospital scan.

2D is widely used for diagnostic purposes.
This is also the most accurately way of gendering and finding out the sex of your baby from as early as 16 weeks with the Original Window to the womb. We are proud to have a 99.9% gender accuracy on all of our scans.
Before 16 weeks gender is only 60/40% accurate due to babies not being developed enough.

2d baby scanning

3D Baby Scanning

3D & 4D or three-dimensional images, and now four-dimensional images or 4D, have become extremely popular.

Here is a little more information elsewhere about 3D Scanning in a NEW WINDOW.

Over 30,000 babies scanned at the Original Window to the Womb

The Original Window To The Womb was created in 2003 and have scanned over 30,000 babies. We are very proud to have been part of such an exciting and emotional part of peoples’ lives over the years.

In simple terms, 3D is a 3 dimensional image (a still photo)

4D Baby Scanning

The 4th dimension is time, so it’s the movement you see when you visit us. This can also be captured on a DVD to take home with you.

3d scan photo

HD Live Baby Scanning

The latest on most real technology is now HD Live available at our Nottingham studio, with the very latest 2018 software.

The HD live creates a back light which lets you see every details of your babies features.

hd live scan

Who knows what the future of ultrasound will bring to us next??

Hologram Baby Scanning

Holograms??  Watch this space for a Hologram Baby Scan gallery….. one day.

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