• 9th July 2019

Rescan information

Rescan information

Rescan information 150 150 The Original Window to the Womb
We offer one free rescan on all our 4D baby scan packages.
4D ultrasound depends on the position of baby and the amount of fluid around babies face.

Sometimes baby is lying in such a position that it is impossible to obtain any imaging, if this is the case we will automatically rebook you for a rescan.

We try really hard to obtain the best possible imaging but if your baby is snuggled in and wont move we will not be able to get you any pictures.

Our FREE RESCAN is offered on the understanding that you acknowledge that we are unable to guarantee babies position will be good for 4D.

Free rescans do not have any monitory value and cannot be passed on or sold to a 3rd party.

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