• 23rd January 2021

Covid 19 Update Jan 2021

Covid 19 Update Jan 2021

Covid 19 Update Jan 2021 150 150 Original Window to the Womb


We hope you are all keeping safe. 

We are sad to announce that we must remain closed until the Government announce it is safe to re-open and we enter a lower tier.

You will all be contacted as soon as we know, and all information will be uploaded onto our website and Facebook page.

We will continue to review our studios re-opening with the government announcements to help protect our staff and all the pregnant families we love to support.

Rescheduling your booked scans

All scans booked will be rescheduled for a potential date as soon as we go into a lower and safer tier.

We will be scanning right up to 36 weeks in 3D/4D and 40 weeks in 2D to make sure you all get the opportunity to meet your miracle of life and give peace of mind to all.

All previous gender scans will be upgraded to a full 3D scan called the picture box worth £89 for the same price as their gender package.

We recommend between 24 and 34 weeks.

This will include a basic wellbeing check, gender confirmation and a chance to see their baby and obtain some images.

The pressure on the NHS will undoubtedly cause delays to all scans and we feel it is imported that we do everything we can to make sure the basic wellbeing of baby is provided.

Once we re-open we will be allowing mums to be plus one to all our scans to make sure partners can attend at least one scan throughout your pregnancy.

Our telephone lines are extremely busy now.

Please contact us ONLY via email.


We are very sorry for the inconvenience caused and  Thankyou for your understanding during this worrying time, Stay safe xx.

Warmest regards


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