What Happens If Im Too Early

The best time to determine the sex of your baby is between 15 weeks and 3 days to 20 weeks. An ultrasound done before this is not reliable, as baby’s sex/ gender  is not fully mature.

Not all ultrasound machines give good clear imaging. In fact, some ultrasound machines are simply very old and may not give the best views.

Some babies are simply shy and refuse to move. If that happens, the determination of babies sex may be made on poor images from a positioning point of view. It is also harder to tell the sex of the baby if the baby is sat upright, legs and feet are tucked under their bottoms or their legs are crossed.

We will need you to have drank 2 litres of water the day of your scan. If your bladder is not full enough we may need to send you for a walk for up to 45 mins or rebook you on a different day as  we wont get all the angles needed to give a confident gender.


Here at The Original Window to the Womb all our Sonographers are highly trained in gender determination and will continue to check baby’s sex throughout your scan.

Maternal Weight

It’s a simple fact that if you are heavier, ultrasound image quality is less clear. This can cause difficulty in scanning. Combined with other factors and it may be really difficult to tell you the sex of your baby.

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