• 19th June 2018

Ultrasound baby scans

Ultrasound baby scans

Ultrasound baby scans 150 150 Original Window to the Womb

2D Ultrasound baby scans form an integral part of pre-natal care. Throughout each of the three trimesters, obstetricians monitor the development of your baby via these scans. Conventional 2D ultrasound scans are offered by the NHS  to mothers between 12 and 20. However, with the advancement in ultrasound technology, you can now see your baby in three dimensions.

4D baby scan:

A 3D ultrasound scan is a special scan that shows a baby in three dimensions. A 4D scan is essentially a 3D scan with the added dimension of time. It therefore allows you to see a baby moving just like in a video or film.Both 4D and 3D baby scans are available today in many areas.

Many pregnant women often imagine how their baby would look like and how the baby is growing. With a 4D scan, future mums can see their baby’s face much more clearly when compared to previous 2D scans. It is so amazing to watch your baby moving around, playing with his toes or smiling. It’s simply a lovely and wonderful moment to cherish! Thanks to a 4D baby scan, you can see all such kind of movements of your baby. Further, the scan can also be recorded on a DVD for you to share with your family and friends.

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